With this antenna we can receive from Adelaide during daylight hours:

5MU Murray Bridge 1125kHz - approx 70 km - very good signal 

5CS Pt Pirie 1044kHz- approx 180 km - good signal

5CC Port Lincoln 765kHz- approx 250 km - weak signal 

3MP Melbourne 1377kHz 7:30pm (twilight) - approx 800 km - good signal

2TM Tamworth 1287kHz 8:30pm - approx 1200 km - good signal

After sunset radio stations from all over Australia.

Passive device. No preamplifier or power required.

PRICE: $118.80


Freq range: Full AM band
Connectors:  3.5mm jack on rear of stand
Loop Size: 230mm dia x 40mm deep 
Tuning: Calibrated control knob


Supplied lead 

3.5mm plug with figure 8 cable for when clips on rear of radio are used



Our lead 

3.5mm plug with 1m RG174 coax cable 

Your choice of connector for the radio for example PL259 plug shown here 

(subject to connector availability)

$21.95 extra for this cable 

Align the loop on the desk so that looking at it end on, it is in the direction of the radio station. (If North was at the top of the page the radio station would be North East or South West with the orientation in the picture)

Tune the dial here to the approximate frequency, tune in the station on your radio. and then peak the signal strength with the dial here.

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