VH-88 FM $155.60

Transmitting antenna for FM broadcast.

Low power community broadcast radio stations. 

Local council information broadcast services on FM band. 

Broadcast station monitoring antenna. 

Ground independent. 


VH-88 FM


FM band 88-108 MHz (requires field tuning for transmitting) 






Less than 1.5:1 


N jack  


2730 mm antenna (2 sections), 3025 mm assembled on support pipe


200 watts


50mm mast dia max



Supplied in two sections and assembled by user.


Supplied with three ground radials 860mm long


FM broadcast receive antenna


This is an effective solution for those wishing to improve their FM radio reception, usually in the prime to medium reception areas. Covering the FM broadcast band and a frequency range from 86 to 108MHz. The antenna is 2.06m in length, and comes with a right angle bracket to allow it to be screwed to the fascia board of a house clear of guttering. 6 metres of RG59 cable is supplied. Connection is made to the rear panel terminals of your FM tuner. 



3 element FM broadcast receive antenna

Good value at only $49.95. Everyone can have one !!!


Designed especially for and exclusive to Radio Specialists. A 3 element Yagi yielding approx 7dB of gain over a dipole.

Great for fringe areas and useful in the city to receive community broadcasters outside your normal reception area.


Designed specifically to cover the FM broadcast band and a frequency range from 88 to 108 MHz. Boom length is 1300mm. Longest element (reflector) is 1560mm. A large antenna designed for the best possible reception result. Connection is made to the rear panel terminals  of your FM tuner. Combine it with a rotator for listening fun ! 


G-250 Lightweight rotator with control box $303.60 RRP


Light duty rotator for houseboats etc, small amateur radio VHF and UHF yagis, UHF CB yagis.

Wind Load: 0.2 mē
K-Factor: 20
Stationary Torque:  600 kg/cm
Rotation Torque: 200 kg/cm
Maximum Vertical Load: 50 kg
Maximum Vertical Intermittent Load: 100 kg
Backlash:  2 degrees
Mast Size:  25-38 mm dia
360 degrees rotation time:  52 secs
Rotator Diameter & Height: 142 mm x 315 mm
Rotator Weight: 1.8 kg
Controller Weight: 1.1 kg
Cable Requirement: 6 core #20 AWG or larger
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