About Solar Regulators


If you have 800 watts in solar panels, you want to get 800 watts out of them.

Simple charge controllers can't do that.

800 watts at 20 volts on your solar panels is 40 amps which is fine.

But when your 20 volt solar panel voltage is pulled down to 12 volts by your batteries you only get 12 volts x 40 amps = 480 watts.

MPPT charge controllers convert power.

800 watts at 12 volts is 66 amps and that's what you get, or close to it at say 90% system efficiency, which is 60 amps.

You have 40 amps from your solar panels and that is converted to 60 amps going to your batteries by power conversion. 

40 amps or 60 amps into your batteries. Which would you prefer ?



TriStar TS-MPPT-45 and TS-MPPT-60

Solar Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking

shown with TS-M-2 panel meter

Morningstar’s TriStar MPPT solar controller with TrakStar Technology™ is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems up to 3kW. The controller provides the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% and significantly less power loss compared to other MPPT controllers.

The TriStar MPPT features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV by rapidly finding the solar array peak power point with extremely fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve. This product is the first PV controller to include on-board Ethernet for a fully web-enabled interface and includes up to 200 days of data logging.

Maximizes Energy Harvest

• Better peak power point tracking than other MPPT controllers.
• Very fast sweeping of the entire I-V curve • Recognition of multiple power points during shading or mixed PV arrays.
• Excellent performance at sunrise and low solar insolation levels.

Extremely High Reliability
• Robust thermal design and no cooling fans
• Parallel circuit design provides less stress and longer life for electronic components
• No mechanical relays
• Extensive electronic protections including PV short circuit protection
• Epoxy encapsulated inductors and conformally coated printed circuit boards

Very High Efficiency
• Peak efficiency of 99%
• Proprietary tracking algorithm minimizes power losses
• Low self-consumption
   Continuous operation at full power to 45°C without need to de-rate
• Selected electronic devices with higher ratings to minimize losses from heating

Extensive Networking and Communications Capabilities
•Enables system monitoring, data logging and adjustability. Uses open standard MODBUS™ protocol and Morningstar’s MS View software.
• Meterbus: communications between compatible Morningstar products
• Serial RS-232: connection to a personal computer• EIA-485: communications between multiple devices on a bus
• Ethernet: fully web-enabled interface to a local network or internet; view from a web browser or send email/text messages.




Peak Efficiency


Nominal System Voltage

12, 24, 36 or 48 volts DC

Max. Solar Open Circuit Voltage

150V DC

Battery Operating Voltage Range

8-72 volts DC

Maximum Self-consumption

4 Watts

Transient Surge Protection

4500 Watts/port

Maximum Battery Current

45 amps

60 amps

Nominal Maximum

12 Volt 600 Watts
24 Volt 1200 Watts
48 Volt 2400 Watts

12 Volt 800 Watts
24 Volt 1600 Watts
48 Volt 3200 Watts


TrakStar SS-MPPT-15L

Solar Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking

SunSaver MPPT solar controller with TrakStar Technology is an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) battery charger.

• Peak Efficiency : 97.5%
• Nominal Battery Voltage : 12 or 24 volts
• Max. Battery Current : 15 amps
• Battery Voltage Range : 7-36 volts
• Max. PV Open Circuit Voltage : 75 volts
• Nominal Max. PV Input
12 volt : battery 200 Watts
24 volt : battery 400 Watts
• Output Rating : 15 amps load control
• Self Consumption : 35 milliamps
• Transient Surge Protection : 4 x 1500 Watts

• Operating Temperature : –40°C to 60°C
• Storage Temperature : –55°C to 100°C
• Humidity : 100% non-condensing

Battery Charging
• Battery Types :  Gel, Sealed, AGM,
• 4 Stage Charging : Bulk, absorption, float,
equalize (optional)
• Temperature Compensation Coefficient : –5mV/°C / cell (25°C ref)
Range :  –30°C to 60°C
Set points Absorption, float, equalize

• Dimensions : 16.9 x 6.4 x 7.3 cm
• Weight : 0.60 kg / 1.3 lbs
• Power Terminal : 16 mm2 / #6 AWG
• Enclosure : Die cast aluminum with plastic cover