Nagoya CB-N30 

Stylish finish.  27 MHz band. 3dB gain. 

Long whip 1480 mm. PL259 plug for vehicles. 

Value  $52.85



Frequency: 27 MHz CB band (tunes 26-28 MHz)
Bandwidth:  1340 kHz 
Power: 300 watts
Impedance: 50 ohms
VSWR: less than 1.5:1 
Connector  PL259 plug (male) 
Length 1478 mm
Weight 320 g




DX-2 $15.95

DX-3 $17.95

DX-5 $24.95

AXIS 27 MHz antennas 

Fibreglass helical whips. Top loaded for best performance.

Standard 5/16" thread to fit 27 MHz mounts.

Pre-tuned, no cutting, no swr-ing in required.

Frequency: 27 MHz CB band
Impedance  50 ohms
Polarization  Vertical 
Connector  5/16" thread at base of antenna
DX-2 Length  2' nominal 
DX-3 Length  3' nominal 
DX-5 Length  5' nominal 



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