Emergency or Portable Repeaters: Often you need a portable repeater system to extend the useful range of two-way radio communications. 

For example a mining, exploration, or drilling company that shifts its campsite frequently needs a portable repeater system. 

Another example could be an emergency services requirement to extend the operating range of the two-way radio service.

Another could be a stand-by repeater held just in case, to be plugged in to an existing repeater site antenna system in the event of failure of the main system.

One thing's for sure, downtime in the workplace means loss of company profitability, so a small investment in back-up communications is worth its weight.

We do not sell the 5 watt versions of this type of equipment. This one is serious equipment, with 25 watts capability designed to take the place of full scale repeater site equipment.

You can connect an antenna to this mounted on a pole, say 3m high and keep that in the back of the 4WD etc, and then mount it on a hill.

Team this up with Vertex VX-2200 mobile radios, VX-426 hand held radios etc.

You will need a radio licence for the service area you intend to use this in.



Radio Specialists Portable Repeater

Can be used in repeater mode and with local PTT and mic.

Ideal for mining company portable campsite operations, drilling crews, exploration crews etc.

Unbeatable value.

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