Fixed Mount Repeater: This is ideal for mining companies, pastoralists, etc.

Often you need a repeater system to extend the useful range of two-way radio communications. 

For example a mining, exploration, or drilling company, or outback homestead that covers an extensive area, and may be hampered by the cost of satellite phone calls.

This can be mounted on a radio tower or simply a pole mast eg 50 mm diameter.

If you are fortunate enough to have some high country the service area can be quite large, eg 100km radius or 200km from one side to the other.

We can provide consultancy services and generate plots of the signal strength for a particular service area.

You can see if a two-way radio repeater will meet your requirements before you purchase any equipment by doing this.

We can provide the radio licence if you decide to go ahead.

It can be a cost effective solution. A system such as this is within the budget of most customers and can be DIY installed. 


40W solar panel easily meets the power requirements.

The panel frame swivels at top and bottom allowing fixing at all angles from horizontal through to vertical.

A cooling fan mounted in the bottom of the enclosure is thermostatically controlled and cuts in when the temperature reaches 45C degrees. Cool air at night will flow into the cabinet by natural convection. 

The cabinet sits in the shade of the solar panel. Both are mounted independently.

Ease of maintenance. Voltages can be checked easily.

Components can be easily swapped out and the battery replaced. 

For repeaters configured for 477MHz UHF band we supply Scalar 8dBi base station antennas. 

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